Our Services

The team at Lawson Group provides value to our clients in the form of strategic consultation and end user representation consisting of the following services:

Lease Contract Analysis and Negotiation

We level the playing field and create a win-win situation where the client agrees to favorable lease conditions and the landlord increases occupancy rates. In doing so, we tackle issues such as lease rate, rental abatements, caps on expenses, tenant improvement dollars, protection for operating costs for tenants, tenant rights on assignment, and limitation of liabilities, indemnification, and holdover issues. The experts at Lawson Group have also been instrumental in negotiating with government bodies to secure incentives available to those relocating or expanding into new markets.

Land Site Acquisitions and Dispositions

Whether we perform a lease vs purchase analysis prior to acquisition or lease or a best-use analysis in preparation for disposition, we provide options and reliable information to our clients.

Build-to-Suit Design and Negotiations

If existing space is not a suitable fit, Lawson Group will oversee the building process of a new asset and the client can now lease the building from an investment group. Lawson Group has the knowledge and experience to help our clients assemble the appropriate investor team as well as identify the ideal land tract.

Design Build

If clients opt for building ownership, we can play an instrumental role in the process by locating the ideal land tract, assembling a team of architects, general contractors, and engineers, and consulting on the project financing.